Praise for Change on the Run

Melbo Belbo
“Fun to read, easy to apply and filled with fad-free ideas–a must-have for any leader!”
— Glain Roberts-McCabe, founder
“The perfect roadmap to understanding and knowing how to make changes in ourselves and in our organizations.”
Dr. Carols Davidovich, executive coach and neuromanagement professor
“If you’re working through change and looking to take expedient action, Change on the Run will empower you to make the right decisions in the least amount of time. Phil Buckley is a master at making the complex simple, and has packaged his wisdom into this concise book.”
— Nina Purwal, bestselling co-author of Let That Sh*t Go
Change on the Run is a brilliant and highly practical guide for anyone experiencing or leading change of any scale in the workplace today.”
— Murray McGowan, group strategy and transformation director, Imperial Brands PLC

About Phil Buckley

I am an award-winning author, coach, public speaker and senior change management professional with over 32 large-scale change projects under my belt—including co-leading global change management for the $19.6 billion Kraft Foods acquisition of Cadbury. For the past 25 years, leaders and teams across the US, Canada, and the UK have relied on me to help them drive performance through change.

Over my career, I have held senior leadership positions including Global HR Director Commercial, Global Organizational Change Director, Americas VP Organization Change and Vice President HR Canada.

My change assignments include mergers, divestitures, organization restructurings, growth capability developments, efficiency drives, culture initiatives and systems implementations. Practical experience working on change initiatives in twenty countries has taught me how to help people make changes within their local environments that give them sustained results.

I am also the author of Change with Confidence, and host of the Change on the Run podcast which you can find, along with my blog and monthly newsletter, at

About the book

Written for the time-strapped manager, Change
on the Run provides a focused guide to navigating
your way through disruption. I give you 44
tried-and-true survival strategies for quickly
responding to transitions and disruptions. For
each I apply my 80/20 rule–homing in on one
action that delivers 80% of the results you want,
with 20% of the time and effort.

More Praise for Change on the Run

Melbo Belbo
“Phil Buckley is the ultimate source for change wisdom. This easy-to-read book is a fantastic resource full of rock-solid advice, down-to-earth techniques and holistic approaches that anyone can use, especially leaders and managers who are short on time.”
— Gregg Brown, change leader and best-selling author of Ready…Set…Change Again!
“This book is an incredibly useful resource for anyone who manages change in the workplace. Phil Buckley is an expert coach.”
Rhiannon Cooke, chair of the board of directors CMC Partnerships Global Ltd. and former president, Association of Change Management Professional
“An immensely valuable and practical resource for new and seasoned leaders alike form an expert with a wealth of experience.”
— Julie Edwards, VP supply chain, Dare Foods Ltd.

“Phil Buckley is inspiring–he makes the most challenging changes simple to understand, and his practical approaches are easy to execute.”
Luisa Girotto, VP Public Affairs, Starbucks Coffee Canada

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